The European Epicurean, Jean Ann French, has a lifetime of experience cooking.  Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma and cooking for hired hands was the beginning of cooking for large, impromptu groups.  Not to mention the private high school fund raising banquets in which Jean Ann participated.  Those experiences were the foundation in basic cooking skills.


Following are snippets of additional experiences and qualifications:


h Lived and traveled in Europe for four years in the late 1980’s

h Studied German cooking under Chef Hans-Irwin Wehrbruch 1989

h Thai cooking lessons in Chiang Mai 2003 with The Master – Permpoon Nabnian

h Donation of catered dinners to nonprofit organizations since 1994

h Highest price paid for donated meal – $800 for a Portuguese dinner for 10

h Independent study of the traditions and foods of other cultures

h A focus on regional favorites of the US, including Native American specialties and game

h Paid catered functions include; Wedding rehearsal dinner for 40, church anniversary celebration for 200, several New Year’s parties for 60, office Christmas party for 50, etc.


Entertaining and serving others is a way of life for Jean Ann, The European Epicurean.



History & Experience

Jean Ann can speak two languages, but she can order in at least 7 languages & cook in a few more.

To contact us:

Cell:  425-891-3086

It’s more than food – it’s a cultural experience!