Price List

Itís more than food Ė itís a cultural experience!

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Price List

(based on per person or per hour)

Seated formal dinner

Includes 5 courses Ė appetizers, soup, salad, main course, & dessert.

$25-$50 pp

Afternoon Tea or Coffee & Dessert

Price per person depending upon number of items on the menu and complexity.

$10-$25 pp

Appetizer / Snack Parties

Pricing depends on quantity, expense of ingredients, and amount of service required.

$15-$25 pp

Buffet Style

This style has no appetizers, and has salad, bread, main dish with two vegetable sides, and dessert.

$20-$30 pp

Shopping, cooking, & serving labor of chef

Included in event quote, price of certificate, and used for calculation for Personal Chef fees. (per hour).

$20 ph